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Leadership Competencies

The Vitalenty360 (V-360) is one the most advanced leadership assessments
measuring 18 leadership competencies grouped in 6 main clusters

competency wheel

The competencies used in this assessment is based on international research on behaviors predicting leadership success across different industries. The competencies forms the foundation of this assessment and through item analysis, we can use the results to report on:

  • Leadership Impact;
  • Emotional Impact;
  • Performance Impact;
  • 18 Independent Competencies;
  • Leadership Stability (derailers);
  • Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT);

During the assessment, the leader and all the raters can give qualitative feedback on each competency. At the end of the evaluation, the raters have the opportunity to provide more input on behaviors, in general, they want to see more from the leader, as well as behaviors they would like to see less from the leader.


Leader Report

With more than 60 pages of results, the leader report provides an in-depth interpretation of the leaders' self-rating as well as the ratings of their manager, peers, subordinates and other. The report also provides feedback on how the leader compared with other leaders in the group. The leader report only reports on the outcomes and never divulge any information that can identify a rater.

Sample report

Group Report

The group report provides summarised results on all 18 competencies for all the leaders in the project and makes comparing results and identifying any trends easier.

Sample report

Online Assessment Portal

The V-360 online assessment portal allows the user to manage the entire 360-degree assessment process.

Although we provide training on the portal, we developed it with the end-user in mind. The intuitive design allows the client to create projects, add leaders and raters to a project, and generate leader and group reports. The portal also allows the client to use the pre-setup email templates or customize the templates for both the leader and the raters. The client only has to change the email template once for all future projects.

The portal also allows clients to upload their company logo to their online portal.

System Access Options

We provide three options that you can choose from to use the V-360 online assessment portal.


Our psychologists will facilitate the project on your behalf. We will conduct all the assessments and provide feedback to all the leaders on their reports, as well as to line managers on the group report


You facilitate the project, manage the system and provide feedback. You only buy credits as and when you want to assess leaders.


You facilitate the project, manage the system and provide feedback. You pay monthly retainer fee giving you full access to the system enabling you to assess unlimited number of leaders.


The V-360 leader and group reports provide feedback on more than 30 leadership competencies and attributes, necessitating the need for accreditation training.


We offer flexible training options which can be one-on-one or in group format. We can also provide training at the clients' office, or virtually. We don't schedule specific dates for training, prefering to be flexible to our clients' needs, requirements and availability.